Make love and war.

Jag länkar här till höger till sidan Things my girlfriend and I have argued about.  "I" är författaren Mil Millington. Jag är med i hans Mail List och får då och då ta del av nya trevliga gräl mellan Mil och Margret. Idag fick jag ett nytt:

We're in the car. Margret's driving. Just up ahead a woman is beginning to walk out onto a zebra crossing. I sense from Margret's general aura - also from the fact she's not easing off the accelerator to allow us to dip under the sound barrier - that, though I have, she hasn't spotted this person.
'Look out!' I say, pointing with one hand while preparing the other to meet the airbag.
Now realising the situation, Margret pulls up sharply and we come to a neck-rocking halt: ambling across in front of us, entirely unaware of her good fortune, the pedestrian lives.
Margret turns to me and, prickly, says, "You're always looking around at other women aren't you?"

Hehe, han har det inte lätt...

Postat av: Tiniusanne

really good site!!

2008-12-15 @ 10:06:14

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